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Dragonsworn Council of Sentinels

Welcome to the Dragonsworn Council!

We are a heavy role-play guild for World of Warcraft located on the Sentinels server. We strive to promote an atmosphere of family both in-character and out-of-character while providing purpose, direction, and story for our role-play.


Whether applicant, member, ally, or IC enemy we hope you will find your game experience and role-play enchanced by the Dragonsworn Council.

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Virtual Realms!
03/28/2014 05:44 AM by Raegar
The Dragonsworn Council would like to welcome all of our new Virtual Realm Roleplayers. We are very excited for this long-awaited development.
A long awaited update!
09/18/2013 05:08 PM by Raegar

Greetings members current, past, and future. You may have noticed that it's been a while since we have had an update on this page. I'm working on revamping the site on many levels from links, required mods, and the application template down to the guild info and roster. I'll keep you all posted here, so stay tuned!


Quick updates...
12/23/2010 01:21 AM by Rublestrasza

Merry Winter's Veil Dragonsworn and guests! It's been a long time since we've updated the front page so we're just going to go over the highlights to catch up real fast. Here's some of the things we've been up to:

New officers: Frostygos has been promoted to Elder and now helps run the Adventure Nights on Wednesdays at 7pm! Hildwyn has also been promoted to Elder and she helps run the Wyrmhearth, run other events, and interview new recruits. A big thank you to both of them for helping to guide the Council into the future and lighten my own duties some.

New Recruits: Heklah, Omnius, Boggus, Noirmayne, Somnursra, and Raegar have all recently joined the ranks of the Dragonsworn. Welcome to the guild!

Neat Stuff: The Dragonsworn have a new recruitment poster! Check it out on the link to the left or in our gallery.

Public Events: The Dragonsworn ran the first annual Brewfest Ram Racing Championship in October and in November we held a Stormwind Relief Effort/Supply Hand Out in the aftermath of the Cataclysm.

Adventures: The DSC also ran the following adventures (you can get more information about these adventures on the official DSC Timeline on our "Dragons in Flight forum". Check the months of Oct, Nov, and Dec):

-Rescued Archmage Vargoth and recovered a page from an ancient Titan Tome.

-Acted in Operation: Gnomergan phase 1 and 2.

-The Wyrmhearth was visited by the troll loa of DEATH!

-Approaching Twilight Parts 1-3. Part 4 coming next week!

-Defended Stormwind Park from an Elemental Invasion.

-Held our Shattering/Cataclysm adventure.

-Held a War Council to discuss our reaction to the Cataclysm's aftermath.

-Fended off an assault by the Black Dragonflight on the Wyrmhearth Tavern!

Wayhelm Rescued!
09/26/2010 01:33 PM by Rublestrasza

Wayhelm was captured two weeks ago by the Dragonmaw Clan in the mistaken belief he was a red dragon! His red armor, red hair, and Dragonsworn tabard had them convinced that THIS time they had captured a true drake.

Once again the Dragonmaw were sadly mistaken.

The Dragonsworn Council refused to ransom Wayhelm as they do not negotiate with the one time enslaver of Alexstrasza. Instead Matron Rublestrasza led Ishuzugosa and Frostygos in a night time raid to rescue the Dragonsworn Paladin.

After fighting their way through the camp and freeing Wayhelm the Dragonsworn portaled to Ironforge where a Priestess tended to Wayhelm's most grievious injures before they returned to the Wyrmhearth for a night of celebration (and in Wayhelm's case being pampered and fed till he burst).

K3 Assault!
09/26/2010 12:48 PM by Rublestrasza

After a week of holding the line at the siege of K3 the Dragonsworn were faced with the biggest attack yet. The magnataur were sending the bulk of their snobold army against defenders of K3!

A fierce battle ensued that almost broke the Dragonsworn lines. The numbers of the snobolds, the explosives of the snobold grenadiers, and the strength of their magnataur chieftan was a terrible thing to behold. At the darkest moment Dragonsworn member Exziber held aloft the Dragonsworn Banner and rallied the Council to a last minute victory.

The goblins of K3 thank Alyias, Exziber, Gaen "Frostygos" Hildwyn, Lexix, Ogumel, and Rublestrasza for their aid in defending the town.

After the dust had settled Ruby summoned forth the image of Archmage Vargoth using the wizard's staff. The mage seemed... impatient to say the least at the Dragonsworn's slow progress in rescuing him. Hold on Vargoth we're coming for you!

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