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RP Guidelines

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Role-Play Guidelines:

Role-play is like any other aspect of the game, you get out of it what you put into it. And just like any other aspect of the game there are some basics everyone needs to know to function and progress in this particularly challenging aspect.

After all a raider can just mash buttons in the right order and follow orders over vent. A role-player has to be social, a part time writer, an actor, and all while avoiding the pitfalls of OOC drama!

Here's some guidelines on role-playing that all Dragonsworn members are expected to follow:

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1.) Don't be Selfish:

Nearly every other rule on this list can be boiled down to this primary rule. Good RP comes down to not being selfish - knowing when to talk and when to be quiet. Taking turns, sharing the toys, playing well with others - generally behavior we should have learned in kindergarten.

2.) Don't Interrupt:

If you come across two or more people RP'ing, even if it's in a public setting, it's rude to just walk up and join in.

Just like in real life, a quiet, "Do you mind if I join you?" can go a long way. And if they say no, understand that it's probably not you - they just have a storyline they're playing out and they don't need an extra hand.

3.) Don't Snowplow:

Snowplowing is when you try to turn active RP that is about one subject into something about your character.

Not everything is about you - it's really very rude to walk all over other people's RP just so you can make it about you. After joining a scene please RP on the topic at hand. Only when that topic dies out should you introduce a new topic to the conversation.

4.) Don't Hover:

Walking back and forth between RP'ers, poking them or generally being obnoxious is, obviously, rude behavior. If you want to listen in on someone's RP, do so, but don't force them to acknowledge your presence with constant intrusive actions or emotes.

5.) Don't Godmode:

There are two types of godmoding.

The first is when you tell other people how they should feel about your character: "Your character feels a shiver of fear as you look at my character."

The second is when you force an action on another character: "My character reaches out and rips the soul out of your characters chest."

Neither kind is acceptable, ever. If you want to perform an action on another character, you can attempt it, or you can whisper them and work out the details ahead of time. But not giving them any input into their own characters fate is rude beyond belief and utterly unacceptable in any form.

6.) Communicate (especially in combat scenes!):

Communication in role-play is important, especially in combat scenes. Never be afraid to whisper someone you are RP’ing with to OOCly discuss a scene or plot point with them. Misunderstandings can easily develop even between two very close friends if you are not careful.

Take for example a combat scene: Neither of you are godmodding but you are both are still trying to “win” the combat. The result is an endless amount of emotes as you block the other’s blows or get knocked down only to stand back up. Simply being communicative OOCly can prevent most problems in any RP scene.

7.) Role-Play is a group activity:

Roleplay is a group activity. It's important to realize that other characters around you aren't just accessories to your story and your character. And while no one likes to be told how to play, just like in any social setting, you need to learn when to compromise and get along with other people if you want to have the most fun roleplaying. If you can't do that, you might as well write your own story by yourself and post it on fanfiction.net.

People have the right to do things to their own characters, adding to their story and fleshing out their character (as long as it doesn't break our RP guidelines). Don't try to make them feel guilty, either in character or out of character, if they do something to their own character that you don't like or agree with. It isn't fair and it's the quickest way to ensure they won't want to RP with you again.

8.) Don’t character bleed:

It's hard not to get a little emotional sometimes over what we roleplay, but always remember that what might be said or done in character doesn't always reflect the views or desires of the person typing! Nor should it. There's a very important line between the two that needs to be maintained.

You're writing a story, after all, not living the actual life of your character. And the reverse is something to look out for as well: don't use your character as a mouthpiece for your own OOC problems or complaints. If Harry has never had a problem with Sally before you got in a fight with Sally's typist, it wouldn't make sense for Harry to suddenly hate Sally for no reason. Whatever OOC issues might develop, work it out in OOC, don't hide behind your character.

9.) Follow the Lore:

You don’t have to follow the game mechanics strictly. The DSC is playing an interactive novel or play rather than a game, but you are required to follow the world’s lore. WoWpedia is your friend. If you are uncertain about something please ask around or just do something else.

10.) Don't Claim Specific Lore or Quests:

Everyone would like to be the Great Individual Hero who encountered Magatha in Thousand Needles or helped fight off the Orcs in Redridge. Unfortunately, there is only room for one such person in WOW Lore. That being the case, the most polite course of action is to simply accept the role of one adventurer out of many rather than being The One True Adventurer.

For example, you may have been one of many helping to assemble the World Pillar in Deepholm, but you are not The One Who Made Peace With The Earth.

If you like a particular event or storyline, figure out a way to work with it as one of many people who participated, perhaps helping the faceless Great Individual Hero. If, however, the storyline is too personalized or individual to allow such a modification, then drop it and find something else to focus on.

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